tahsin khan

Tahsin Khan

PhD Candidate
Field of Research
Microbial Ecology

Metagenomic analysis of microbial communities associated with marine macroalga

It is known to us that, marine macroalgae depends on the co-existing microbes for their health and growth. Metagenomic analysis of sample data sets will be carried out to investigate the functional and taxonomic diversity of macroalgal-associated microbiomes and how they correlate with growth or disease. Contemporary bioinformatics and biostatistics approach like genome reconstruction and annotation, metabolic modelling and generalised-linear models for multivariate datasets can be applied.  Available metabolic data of the samples could also be integrated with the metagenomic data. Finally, specific hypotheses can be tested derived from the metagenomic observations, such that any organism of the microbial community carries a specific function that is important/essential for a specific macroalgal host. This will lead to design function-based and metagenomic-informed probiotics that can support growth of and provide disease-resistance for macroalgae.

Supervisor: Professor Torsten Thomas

Secondary Supervisors: Dr Ezequel Marzineli  and Associate Professor Suhelen Egan 



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Level 5 EastBiological Sciences North (D26)UNSW, Kensington 2052