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Philip Crump

Field of Research

I investigate the impacts of human activities (plastic, sewage, infrastructure) in marine habitats.  I collaborate closely with colleagues at a wide range of national and international institutions, enabling a strong multi-disciplinary approach. I am particularly interested in the scientific basis for managing environmental impacts and I advise industry and governments. Through my work I have authored scientific papers and contributed to over 30 industry reports

During my Environmental Science degree, I worked as a part-time Research Assistant on the first global study of microplastic contamination. Through this I collaborated with the Universities of Sydney, College Dublin and Plymouth investigating the sources, pathways and fate of microplastic in marine habitats. Here I combined global structured surveys and experiments with forensic vibrational spectroscopy to show clothing fibres enter marine habitats via sewage contaminated by washing clothes. I developed the first experimental procedures for investigating the emissions of fibers form clothes to sewage;  which are now used around the world by industry and academia.

Skills in using survey and experiments to assess the environmental sources and fate of clothing fibres led to an invitation to manage the microplastic laboratory at the University of New South Wales as part of grants from the Australian Research Council.  Here I collaborate with scientists and engineers in academia (University of Sydney), industry (Parley for the Oceans, Icebreaker) and government (NSW EPA, Melbourne Water, South Australia Water Corporation) to test methods for mitigating clothing fibre pollution.


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