Dr Laura Parker

Dr Laura Parker

Deputy Director (Indigenous Engagement) for the Centre of Marine Science and Innovation & Scientia Fellow
Field of Research
Ecological Impacts of Climate Change, Ecological Physiology, Biological Adaptation

Dr Laura Parker is an Indigenous Scientia Fellow and ARC DAATSIA Fellow in the Faculty of Science, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Laura is interested in understanding and overcoming the impacts of climate change and environmental stress on marine organisms. Her research focuses specifically on building resilience in marine molluscs to current (e.g. salinity, food availability) and future (e.g. ocean warming and acidification) stressors and understanding the underlying physiological, molecular and epigenetic mechanisms involved. Through her research, Laura aims to develop new capacities to 'future-proof' natural oyster populations and the Australian oyster industry, and contribute to the restoration of degraded oyster habitats that are of enormous importance to Indigenous Australians. Her research is currently supported by an ARC Discovery Indigenous grant titled “The basis of oyster resilience to global environmental change”. 


Room 4018, Level 4, Biological Sciences South (E26), UNSW, Kensington 2052