Dr Ana Bugnot


Ana studies the ecological impacts of human pressures on urbanised environments (coastal hardening, introduction of invasive species, climate change, pollution) and assess tools and strategies to mitigate them. Her research aims to inform the design of monitoring and rehabilitation strategies that can be directly applied by managers and industry to conserve and enhance ecological biodiversity and functioning of coastal areas.

Ana completed her Ph.D. in 2014 at the University of Sydney investigating the ecological impacts of invasive species in urban estuaries. Skills in impact assessment, quantitative ecology and advanced statistics developed during this time led to her position as a Research Fellow at the Applied Marine and Estuarine Ecology Group in the University of New South Wales, where she investigates anthropogenic impacts from medium to large scales and mitigation strategies through the design of blue engineering techniques. The highly-applied focus of these projects awaken her interest in producing information that can directly inform the management of human impacts in marine habitats. Through environmental surveys (in situ, remote sensing), experiments (field and laboratory) and meta-analyses, she is unraveling the nature and magnitude of these impacts and working with industry and environmental managers to develop solutions.

Ana has good record of attracting research funding and publishing in ISI journals. She has made major contributions to the marine ecological community in New South Wales. She has been a Doctoral Fellow and collaborator at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (since 2010), a councilor for the Australian Marine Science Association (since 2011) and has taught on the CSIRO Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program (since 2016).

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Level 4, Biological Science Building South (E26), Kensington Campus,