The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation fosters path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation, among other initiatives. The Foundation is investing $19 million over the next three years to support 42 teams of scientists to advance model systems in aquatic symbiosis. 

Dr Egan gratefully accepted the philanthropic grant last week,

Rob Brander has just co-edited a special volume of the Journal of Coastal Research with Professor Andy Short called 'Stories from the Field: 50 Years of Coastal Fieldwork 1970-2020'.
Man-made reefs can be used in conjunction with the restoration or protection of natural habitat to increase fish abundance in estuaries, UNSW researchers have found.
COVID-19 is changing the dynamics of people swimming at beaches around the world, potentially making it more unsafe.
A research team has used coral records to reconstruct the variability of the Indian Ocean Dipole – a big player in the severe drought and record hot temperatures last year – over the last millennium.
Two UNSW scientists have been honoured for their research on the ocean’s role in the climate system and personalised treatment for pancreatic cancer.
There's much more to waves than the part you see at the beach. And it can all start hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres from the shore.
A beautiful seagrass is endangered in parts of NSW, but a team of “underwater gardeners” led by a UNSW marine ecologist is working to stem its decline.
UNSW Sydney’s Dean of Science, Professor Emma Johnston, has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

Congratulations to Aaron Puckeridge who won the junior award for outstanding oral presentation at this year’s Australian Society for Fish Biology in Canberra.

Associate Professor Adriana Vergés is recognised for her creative and persuasive leadership in the public interest.
Fishers use tuna's natural attraction to floating objects to lure them near GPS-equipped rafts. However, these rafts are attracting increasing concern.
How should we be building along the global coast? A framework by UNSW scientists delivers some much-needed answers.