Zooplankton Behaviour & Zooplanktitovry

Dr Amatzia Genin has done much of the original work on the fish-zooplankton connection on tropical reefs. He will be visiting the Centre on Thursday 4 July to give three relaxed talks on Zooplankton behaviour and Zooplanktitovry.

Amatzia's publications can be found here. More info here.

Timing of talks - 

12-1pm: E26, Room 5063, “Fish-zooplankton interactions" (quantifying predation rates, functional response as function of flow and prey density, biomechanical limitations on foraging, and information processing time by the fish)

2:30-3:30pm: E26, Room 4063, “Cross-reef distribution, depth retention, and aggregation of zooplankton" (focusing on our 2005 paper in Science and beyond)

4-5pm: E26, Room 4063, “Oceanographic processes responsible for the outstanding absence of coral bleaching in the northern Red Sea"

Dr Amatzia Genin
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