Improvisation Workshop

As the CMSI gets off the ground, we are running improv classes as an informal, fortnightly activity welcome to all.

The next session will be:

September 16

First, what is improv? Improv is a style of comedy or theatre that emphasizes on-the-spot thinking and adaptability to new situations. There is no script or preparation, you make everything up for each performance. It's a good laugh and you’ll come away in a good mood. But if you're less interested in fun and just want to know the career benefits, have a read of this Scientific America article. Too busy to read? Alright then, in a nutshell improv can help you with public speaking, communication, and connecting with your audience. As scientists, we tend to be very literal and improv is a good way to take a step back, get out of that head space, and just have fun with communicating.

A few people have asked what they would actually be doing in the workshop. Well we can't give it all away, it is essentially a series of activities and group exercises that help you practice speaking off the cuff, feeling less self-conscious in front of an audience. No prior skill set is needed and everyone is welcome. It's all a bit silly and out of the box, but can definitely be a good time.

Aaron Eger will be leading the class based off an 8 week course he took last semester. It will be a low key environment for people to show up and laugh a bit. The other thing to mention is this is not improv aimed at scientists, it is general improv so the topics aren't going to be about research, totally free form.

Snacks will be provided. Please RSVP to

Start Date
Wilton Tea Room, L1 Samuels Building