Blue Carbon as a Nature Based Solution

This talk will present on ten years of blue carbon research: where have we come from, and where are we going? It will look to the future of blue carbon science, policy frameworks, the business case for carbon financing, and how we can involve the broader community in the blue carbon journey. The talk will cover recent efforts to value co-benefits from restoring blue carbon ecosystems, such as coastal protection, enhanced fisheries and biodiversity, and better coastal amenity and recreation opportunities for Australia.

The seminar will be followed by a group discussion for ECRs at 12pm.

Peter’s research focuses on understanding and responding to the impacts of global change on aquatic ecosystems. His approach to research spans the fields of chemistry, ecology, microbiology, economics, policy, and molecular biology. Peter is also actively involved in translating science into policy; he currently sits on the Victorian Coastal Council’s Science Panel; the Australian Academy of Sciences Future Earth Oceans and Coasts Expert Working Group, and the Australian Government’s Blue Carbon Expert Working Group.


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