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Our mission

The mission of the CMSI is to be the leading teaching and research centre for solution-based, multidisciplinary science and innovation in coastal, temperate ecosystems.

What we do

Australia is surrounded by approximately 34,000 km of coastline and more than 85% of its population lives within 50 km from the shore. The coastal marine environment is not only an important part of many of our societal and economic developments, but is also substantially impacted by human activities.

There is a need to comprehensively and deeply understand the workings of the marine environment and our interactions with it in order to protect its value and provide innovative solutions for the development of a sustainable “blue economy”.

The CMSI has 5 strategic objectives to drive science and innovation in this area:

Strategic Objectives for the Centre for Marine Science & Innovation

Attracting the best

To attract and educate the best and brightest students and professionals in interdisciplinary research in marine science and innovation 


World Leading Research


To be a leading, comprehensive and solution-focussed centre in coastal and temperate marine research 


A collaborative approach


Establish and maintain large-scale collaborations that lead to mutually beneficial relationships between the CMSI and industry, government and NGOs


Creating value


To create value to the university through a modern collaborative and inclusive environment that will enhance learning and research performance


Increasing awareness


To effectively communicate marine science research to a range of audiences and to increase awareness and engagement of the general public about the marine environment